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This is an easy way to make a rosette out of your tartan sash. Often, women do not want to wear the sash across the breast beauty queen style, but prefer instead to keep the front of the dress free of the sash. Dancers, especially, use this style but it is appropriate for anyone.

Step 1: Fold the tartan sash in half.

Step 2: Take the top of the folded end and fold it back about 6″. Now fasten a rubber band in the middle of this new fold, making the sash look like a bow with a long tail. (See example)rosette1

Step 3: Fluff the folds so that the bow looks like a rosette, then use pins to fasten the rosette’s half circles together or, if you wish it to be more secure, use a needle & thread to stitch the half circles together. Pin your brooch in the middle of the rosette to hide the rubber band.

Step 4: Pin the rosette to the shoulder of your dress with the end of the sash hanging diagonally across your back.

Step 6: Arrange the two ends of the sash diagonally across your back so that they reach your hip, then fasten the bottom end to your hip with safety pins, making sure that the pins are not visible. The top end of the sash should hang free.

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