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Well, it was a remarkable trip (photos below: for a slide show click on [View with PicLens]).

Despite the unbelievable settings, the people were the best part.  Many thanks to Richard for letting me come with him, to Celia for letting us stay with her and for being such a gracious host and working to support Clan Chattan, to Louisa and Stewart for their gracious kindness and for doing so much Clan Chattan work and to Donald, Denise and Rex for Clan Chattan work and being so nice to boot.

Richard and I were in Scotland Aug 3-13.  We stayed at Moy Hall with Celia (and many others) until the 10th I think it was.  Then we drove west and stayed in Oban one night, then trended Southeast toward Edinburgh, staying in Callandar one night (my favorite spot, other than Moy Hall, of course) and Edinburgh (at a B&B right at the airport) and had a short 6 hour layover in London.

The photos (277 of them, which is the short version, by the way) are below.  The photos are hereby copyrighted (I hope to make a few of the images into cards).  To see photos as a slide show, click on [View with PicLens].  Otherwise, you can click on a photo to make it bigger, and reclick on it to make it smaller.

Page 1 is mostly McBain Park, which is a quaint park owned by Richard’s family that overlooks Loch Ness, with a few shots of Moy Hall.  Page 2 starts with some shots of Moy Hall, then shows the walk up to the plaque on the Boulder commemorating the re-signing of the Band of Union after 400 years, then there are some shots of the laying of the wreath at the Culloden Battlefield (which was decisive and resulted in suppression of the clans).  Page 3 is more Culloden.  Page 4 shows Culloden, Dores and marching up to the boulder.  Page 5 is at the boulder.  Page 6 is mostly the march through Inverness and the re-signing of the Band.  Page 7 is a fancy gathering and the Sports Fair on part of the front lawn of Moy Hall.  Page 8 is dancing and the bus tour of some Clan Chattan lands.  Page 9 is more bus tour, standing council and the wonderful dinner at Tomatin.  Page 10 is more Tomatin dinner, Rob’s “performance” and Moy Hall.  Page 11 is the island and more Moy Hall shots.  Page 12 is Moy Hall and the Salmon stream area.  Page 13 is more Salmon stream, Moy Hall driveway and the area around Oban.  Page 14 is near Callander, Sirling Castle, Edinbugh Castle and one shot of London at the very end.  Great trip!

If you’d like to read more about the Band of Union go to:

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